Situation at border, balance of the week

1263976 499407116821494 903842408 oAs a result of carrying out of the specific activities in the area of competence, the Border Police officers, during 28 September – 04 October 2015, revealed and documented 96 persons, who violated the border and migration legislation of the Republic of Moldova, as it follows:

- 1 person for the infringement of state border;
- 31 persons for the infringement of state border regime, as well as that of the BCPs;
- 8 cases of use of false travel acts;
- 31 foreign citizens exceeded the period of stay on the territory of the Republic of Moldova;
- 4 attempts of illegal transportation of undeclared goods across the state border, involving 2 persons;
- 2 transport units and 21 person in conflict with law were detained at the border crossing points, due to information exchange with national and international law enforcement authorities.

The flow of people crossing the state border was about 321 729 crossings and the transport traffic flow recorded approximately 77 605 crossings.

During the reference period, 30 foreign citizens got refusal to entry Republic of Moldova. According to the data, 13 Moldovan citizens got refusal to enter Russian Federation, another 12 persons were deported. In EU there was limited the entry for 8 co-nationals and 10 were deported.