Border Crossing Fluidization

The General Inspectorate of the Border Police, having the mission to implement the state policy in the field of Integrate Border Management of the State Border, in order to ensure an efficient control, facilitates the international flux of persons, means of transport and goods.

An increase in the flux of passengers and means of transport is registered during the summer period, which determines the border control institutions to institute and implement new forms and methods to organize the activity in the border crossing points in order to fluidize cross border traffic.

Tacking this into account the need to organize the fluidization measures, Border Police launches the mechanism of preliminary coordination and exchange of data with travel/transport agencies authorized in the Republic of Moldova.

In order to ensure the efficient implementation of the initiative, travel/transport agencies are invited to fill the approved form, respecting the conditions stated below.

The conditions set for travel/transport agencies contain the following aspects:

  1. travel/transport agencies (hereinafter referred to as Agency) will fill the Request Form established by the Border Police, obligatory filling all the existing fields, in accordance with the annex;
  2. on the filled Request Form the official stamp of the enterprise will be applied together with the name, surname and signature of the requesting part.
  3. the Request Form will be sent from the email address of the Agency to the exclusive email address of the General Inspectorate of the Border Police, no later than 24 hours prior to the departure of the transport, and no earlier than 48 hours, this being conditioned by the general conditions for accepting the request.
  4. the Agency will send a separate request for each trip;
  5. the Agency will receive a confirmation email for any message received by the General Inspectorate of the Border Police;
  6. the person responsible for the trip or the bus driver will inform the Border Police Officer responsible for the access in the border crossing point about the arrival of the transport;
  7. the contact phone for the matters related to the implementation of this mechanism is: +373 (22) 259-717

request form


In order to ensure the implementation of the initiative for the fluidization of the cross border traffic, the person responsible for the trip or the bus driver are requested to check that all passengers are in the possession of valid travel documents for leaving the Republic of Moldova and entering/transiting the territory of other countries, as well as respect the customs legislation.

Additionally, be aware that, in accordance with the national legal framework, as well as of the transit and final destination countries, the carrier bears the responsibility for transporting to the border of foreigners that do not fulfill the entry conditions. The carrier is responsible to ensure the immediate return of the foreigners that do not fulfill the entry conditions to the point of departure, or to a place that is accepted by the foreigner and where the foreigners is accepted in. In case this is impossible, the carrier has the obligation to bear the expenses related to accommodation and existence as well as all other expenses related to returning of the foreigner.