Eastern Regional Directorate, the first to report

1In the period January 16 to 29 all the subdivisions of the Border Police will resume their activity, where they will present the achievements, deficiencies and arrears of the last year, and the priorities of 2015. The first who showed their obtained results, difficulties and the mode how to solve them, and also outlining the main lines of action for the current year were the employees of the Eastern Regional Directorate.

The Head of the Border Police, Dorin Purice, present at the summarizing meeting, mentioned the overall success of the institution's activities and noted that although the Border Police was in a comprehensive reform, reorganization process, in parallel took place the intelligence activity, which constantly increased in quality.

He mentioned several achievements such as: enhancing security by streamlining procedures for the use of forces and means, increasing professionalism of staff performing surveillance and control missions, but one of the greatest achievements of the institution - increasing the public confidence with regard to Border Police and providing the quality services to participants in cross-border traffic and villagers in the vicinity of the border.

During the meeting were reviewed the most important activities both at the green border and border crossing points, under the management of the subdivision. It should be noticed, about all segments analyzed, the number of border crossings by the persons and transportation, illegal actions, non-permissions etc., there is a decrease, largely conditioned by the events that took place in Ukraine.
Thus, during the reporting period through those 4 checkpoints located on the Eastern Regional Directorate were recorded 1,093,005 persons crossings and 314,251 vehicles crossings, which represents a decrease of 36.2% in persons and of 29.2% - to transport compared to 2013. The reduction of both indices was due to both, on the one hand, liberalization of visa regime with the EU and, on the other hand, due to the unstable situation in Ukraine.

Also, 87 persons in conflict with the law and 20 units of transport have been detained at the border crossing points, due to the exchange of information with national and international law enforcement agencies. Likewise, on this segment is a decrease by 36% and respectively 37.5% compared with 2013, the decrease is determined by lowering the flow of persons and vehicles.

At the border crossings was not authorized the state border crossing to 333 722 persons and transport means (80 - at entry, 253 - at exit), which represents a decrease of 50.8% and respectively by 45 1% compared with 2013. It should be noted, that during the reporting period increased the number of vehicles state, taken from the state register of the country of origin, particularly of those registered in Lithuania.

During 2014, within the competence sector of the Eastern Regional Directorate there were registered 517 infringements of the legislation (318 - at border crossing points and 199- on the "green" sector) where were involved 659 persons (328 - at border crossing points and 331 - on the "green" sector), indicating a decrease of 3.9% of the cases and of 0.45% of the number of persons involved, compared to 2013. The most frequent irregularities related to the breach of the border area, were manifested by staying in the area without permit of access, without an ID card, the discordance in advance of activities in the border area (economic activities, leisure) and the breach of the crossing points' regime, which provided the unauthorized movement on its territory, smoking in prohibited places, photo and video shooting in BCPs etc. At the same time, within the area of responsibility of the Directorate, the border policemen counteracted and documented 41 cases of smuggling and 48 involved persons documented, as well as registered 9 cases of migration with investigation of 26 foreign citizens.
In those 12 months, the employees of the Directorates conducted 185 activities with international partners: 126 with Ukrainian counterparts and 59 - with EUBAM experts, also, carried out 10 operations at the national level with law enforcement authorities. Regarding the situation of human resources at 31.12.2014, the number of vacancies was 51, resulting in a framing rate of 88.5%. What keeps the integrity of staff, during the reference period, 106 employees of the Eastern Regional Directorate were punished disciplinary, however, there were 4 cases of undue influence on the border inspectors.

For 2015, among the Eastern Regional Directorate' priorities are the following: the modernization of human resources management, integrated and efficient infrastructure development, aimed at improving the professional performance, quality assurance and transparency of services provided, as well as the active promoting the concept of zero tolerance towards the corruption from the side of staff.