EU budget support for the implementation of police reform of the Republic of Moldova, discussed with European experts

i1The Head of Border Police, DorinPurice met today, January 15, in a working meeting with a group of experts from the European Union Mission.
The meeting was held in the context of discussing of new solutions for external funding through the EU budget support for the implementation of the Moldovan Police reform, including the strengthening of cooperation relations with European partners.

In the beginning of the meeting, Dorin Purice thanked the European delegation for their constant support offered to Border Police and the full opening to further collaboration, noting that so far the EU is an important strategic partner for the border institution. He mentioned that with the liberalization of visa regime, in the Republic of Moldova have been implemented a number of measures alined to european requirements, in the Border Police can be recorded: equipping with modern equipment of th eborder crossings, the use of mobile devices, the renovation of some sectors, the development of Integrated Border Management, etc.

Similarly, the Head of the Border Police stressed the importance of the National Strategy of Integrated Border Management of the State Border, which was approved for the first time in the Republic of Moldova and additionally presented the policy documents developed by the institution, which contributed significantly to the implementation of the Agreement of Association.
During the meeting, the Moldovan side highlighted the major problems faced by the Border Police and the priority needs to be met in the future. In this regard, Mr. Purice confirmed that the consignment of equipment, purchased in recent years, has a vital contribution to the work of the Border Police, according to statistics of conditioning increasing the number of detections of counterfeit documents, to counter human trafficking, illegal migration, however, to develop the infrastructure it is still needed to replace the equipment supplied and modernize the whole system, for compliance to European requirements.
In their turn, the European officials summarized the 2016-2019 funding program, the priority for the EU budget is the support funding of the Moldovan Police reform, but that will be beneficiated and the Border Police, depending on the prioritization of the needs. Thus, the guests were proposed to create projects based on a synergy of the institution with the General Police Inspectorate, relying on common areas of activity: public order, special investigations, prosecution, combating cross-border crime and aviation security assurance.

At the end of the meeting, the sides agreed that during the next week to be conducted a familiarization visit to Vulcăneşti Border Police Sector andChisinau International Airport checkpoint.