Risk analysis, field of interest for Georgia

1The representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia will take Moldovan border policemen experience in the field of border security assurance, based on risk assessment system. The transfer of best practices in risk analysis will facilitate the mplementation of reforms of the border authority in the framework of Action Plan on visa liberalization Georgia - EU.

On January 13, within the Department of Border Police, the officers of the risk analysis had a meeting with representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia, being between 12 to 15 January in a working visit to the Republic of Moldova.

During the meeting, the Moldovan border policemen informed the Georgian colleagues about the reasons that have led to the need to establish risk analysis system for the institution. There were presented the general information about the the structure and activities of the Directorate, analytical information risk analysis system, the cooperation with internal and external partners, the collection manner and management of data, the development and use of analytical products. Similarly, the parties discussed the selection and training of staff, responsible for the risk analysis.

In its turn, the Georgian delegation appreciated positively the achievements in the field of risk analysis system development and reiterated the importance of improving the multidimensional relations between the two border institutions. Similarly, the delegation visited the National Coordination Center of the Border Police, Regional Directorate "East", where they will get acquainted with activity and risk analysis unit and will go to the border crossings "Leuşeni" and "Tudora", where they should closely get familizarized with the border checking procedures and risk analysis system, under which it operates.