The first foreign citizens with forged documents, detained at the state border, this year

controlThe border policemen discovered five foreigners, who resorted to the use of false travel documents to get to the EU, among them are four Afghan and one Uzbek citizens.
The first case was registered in Chisinau International Airport checkpoint, those 4 persons, three young men and a minor were identified among the passengers of the route Kabul-Dubai-Chisinau. These persons at the specific border control were legitimized with passports issued by the UK authorities. During the examination of the travel documents, the border policemen got suspicions regarding the identity of persons and the authenticity of the passports presented, in this respect it was decided the carrying out of a thorough inspection of the documents. As a result, the border inspectors found that they were forged by substituting the page with personal data, also, in the passports were applied forged stamps pf ext from Afghanistan. Based on its findings, the employees of Border Police conducted a second level control, which provided a more thorough check on persons, in which were found authentic Afghan passports.

The border policemen interrupted the journey of four Afghans, not being allowed the entry into the Republic of Moldova. The passports were seized and the persons were returned with another route to the country of origin.

In the second case, a citizen of Uzbekistan identified himself with a passport issued by the authorities of Tajikistan, completely false. The young man of 22 years old, was detected by border policemen, at entry into the country through the border crossing point Otaci. Currently, the forged passport was seized to be submitted for expertize, the case being further investigated in order to elucidate the circumstances and identify the persons involved in the offense.