The Students of the National College of the Border Police - involved in various practical activities

1The continuous improvement, through the principle of integration of the theory with practice, as well as the implementation of the educational and training process, adjusted to European standards, represent the actions that are valued by the National College of the Border Police.
In order for students to be able to know the best practices of other organizations and can undertake their experience, at the training classes are invited the experts from the different institutions. Thus, during the day, the students had as moderators the representatives of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Gogu Natalia and Sergiu Gaina.
During three hours, the participants discussed topics that directly relate to the role and importance of the Border Police in assisting the persons applicants for a form of protection in the territory of the Republic of Moldova, being presented to them appropriate situations and movies with asylum seekers who placed themselves in the Moldovan society.
Similarly, the department "Specialized disciplines" organized for the first year students practical lessons at the border crossing point "Sculeni". The future specialists of the Border Police were able to form practical skills to fulfill service patrols to use their equipment properly, analyze Border Police Information System, to become familiar with the forms, methods and principles of organization and ongoing service, including the development of their professional skills and moral-psychological qualities necessary for the activity.
The organization of such seminars, the National College of the Border Police aims to provide the opportunity to turn theory into practice to form good professionals.