Border Crossing Fluidization

The General Inspectorate of the Border Police, having the mission to implement the state policy in the field of Integrate Border Management of the State Border, in order to ensure an efficient control, facilitates the international flux of persons, means of transport and goods.

13 September 2019

Situation at border, balance of the week

1263976 499407116821494 903842408 oAs a result of carrying out of the specific activities in the area of competence, the Border Police officers, during 28 September – 04 October 2015, revealed and documented 96 persons, who violated the border and migration legislation of the Republic of Moldova, as it follows:

5 October 2015

Eastern Regional Directorate, the first to report

1In the period January 16 to 29 all the subdivisions of the Border Police will resume their activity, where they will present the achievements, deficiencies and arrears of the last year, and the priorities of 2015. The first who showed their obtained results, difficulties and the mode how to solve them, and also outlining the main lines of action for the current year were the employees of the Eastern Regional Directorate.

16 January 2015

EU budget support for the implementation of police reform of the Republic of Moldova, discussed with European experts

i1The Head of Border Police, DorinPurice met today, January 15, in a working meeting with a group of experts from the European Union Mission.
The meeting was held in the context of discussing of new solutions for external funding through the EU budget support for the implementation of the Moldovan Police reform, including the strengthening of cooperation relations with European partners.

15 January 2015

Risk analysis, field of interest for Georgia

1The representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia will take Moldovan border policemen experience in the field of border security assurance, based on risk assessment system. The transfer of best practices in risk analysis will facilitate the mplementation of reforms of the border authority in the framework of Action Plan on visa liberalization Georgia - EU.

14 January 2015